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cooking and sequencing in the classroom
Cooking in the Classroom

Cooking and Sequencing for Special Education

Before you know it, the last week of school is fast approaching! The students are getting excited, you are getting excited! But wait! You still have to PLAN!

This year I picked a theme for the last week of school, and tried to have a little structured chaos! It worked out great! We had some fun, AND we still learned a few things!

Our last week of school theme was… EASY SUMMER RECIPES! We made three different recipes: Simple Lemonade, Worms in Dirt, and Simple S’mores. With each cooking activity we practiced following directions, put together a cute sequencing booklet, and enjoyed some delicious treats!

These simple recipe activities were a fun way to practice sequencing skills. My students loved making the sequencing booklets because it was about something they ACTUALLY did! And they were super excited to take them home to show their families the fun recipe they made in class.

recipe and sequencing books

Below are lists of what you need for each recipe and the exact steps we took to make it. If you are looking to save on prep time, CLICK HERE to check out the ready-to-go, picture supported recipes and sequencing booklets I made for my classroom!

Simple Lemonade

What you need (per student):

1 large lemon (pre-cut into slices for easy squeezing)

2 TBSP white sugar

1 cup water (1/2 warm and 1/2 cold)

plastic cup


simple lemonade recipe


Squeeze the lemon in the cup and take out the seeds.

Add 2 TBSP of sugar.

Add 1/2 cup of warm water and stir.

Add 1/2 cup of cold water and stir.

Add ice.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy! CLICK HERE if you would like a picture-supported recipe for your students to follow!

lemonade sequencing book

After we completed the recipe, we reviewed the steps we took to make the recipe and made a cute sequencing booklet! I created two versions of this booklet for my students – CLICK HERE to check them out!

Worms in Dirt

What you need (per student):

1 cup of chocolate pudding

2 chocolate sandwich cookies

2 gummy worms

clear plastic cup

worms in dirt recipe


Smash the cookies.

Put some of the cookie pieces in the chocolate cup.

Add pudding.

Put the rest of the cookies on top of the pudding.

Put the gummy worms in the dirt.


CLICK HERE if you need a ready-to-go, picture supported recipe for your students!

worms in dirt sequencing book

This one was definitely a favorite! Who doesn’t love a little worms in dirt? If you are interested in the sequencing booklet we made to review the steps of the recipe CLICK HERE! We even looked up some worm fact videos for kids on YouTube to go along with this one. Did you know that worms have hair?!

Simple S’mores

What you need (per student):

2 graham crackers

1 piece of chocolate bar

1 marshmallow



simple smore recipe


Put a graham cracker on a plate.

Put a piece of chocolate on top of the graham cracker.

Put a marshmallow on top of the chocolate.

Put the S’more in the microwave for 15 seconds. Then put a graham cracker on top when you take it out.


CLICK HERE for a ready-to-go, picture supported recipe for your students AND a cute sequencing booklet!

s'more sequencing book

We did one recipe activity per day during our last few days of school. We still learned a little bit, had some fun, and enjoyed some delicious treats! Thank you for reading! Have a great Summer!

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If you like these Recipe and Sequencing Activities, check out my Recipe and Sequencing BUNDLE in my TPT store! This BUNDLE includes recipe activities for: Lemonade, S’mores, Worms in Dirt, Caramel Apples, Hot Cocoa, and Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows.

Interested in another fun cooking activity for your classroom? Check out this post on how I used the book Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun by Maria Dismondy. Great book for building character in the classroom and some cooking fun!

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