Monday, November 29, 2021
Basic Concepts Winter Resources

A Positional Word Game: Where is the Elf?

Spatial concepts are typically a struggle all my students have in common. Understanding positional words (such as on, in, under, between, behind, and next to) enhance a child’s ability to give and follow directions within activities of their everyday life. A few years ago, I wanted to incorporate practicing positional concepts into my classroom’s daily […]

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Reading Comprehension

5 Story Retelling Activities for Students with Special Needs

Deciding how to teach retelling to students with special needs can be difficult. Being able to retell information is an important life skill and goes hand in hand with comprehension. Recalling and summarizing information can be difficult for students with cognitive delays. Repetitive story retelling practice will help increase comprehension skills and improve student’s ability […]

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6 Quick and Easy Alphabet Games and Activities Using Alphabet Posters

You can incorporate these easy alphabet games into your daily schedule using Alphabet Posters! Turning letter recognition practice into a game is fun for students, engaging, and a great time filler! Alphabet games are a great way to target letter recognition, letter matching, and beginning sounds. Here are 6 quick and easy alphabet games to […]

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Differentiated Writing Resources Halloween Resources

Spooky House Writing Activity for Special Ed

Halloween is one of my favorite crafty seasons at school! Every year my students get to make a Spooky House as our big Halloween activity. Then, we take turns sharing and describing the spooky houses with a fun, five senses writing activity. CLICK HERE to go check out the activity in my TPT Shop. Step […]

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