Saturday, July 11, 2020
Character Activities for the Classroom

Character in the Classroom: Recess Queen Book Companion

The Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill is is a fun story about a new girl in school who befriends the playground bully, changing the playground back into a fun place. Mean Jean, the playground bully, runs the playground and is mean to the other kids. Then one day, Katie Sue comes to school. Katie Sue […]

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Classroom Parties

Valentine’s Day Task Stations for Elementary and Special Ed

Keep your Valentine’s Day Party Chaos to a minimum. These fun, structured, hands-on Valentine’s Day Task Stations are perfect for Valentine’s Day activities in your elementary and special education classrooms. Students get to rotate through 5 stations of crafts and STEM activities while completing a Valentine’s Day Task Booklet.

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Monthly Resource Round-Ups

November Classroom Idea Round-Up

Holy turkey! This November went by so fast! I definitely was not able to fit everything in that I intended to, but… here is what we accomplished this month: For starters, we took down our Frankenstein Window Decorations and put up some adorable Coffee Filter Turkeys! Materials: coffee filters, brown/red/orange construction paper, googly eyes, watercolors, […]

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