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Potato Pants! Book Companion: Lesson on Forgiveness

“Potato Pants!” by Laurie Keller is an adorable story about a Potato who wants to buy some Potato Pants. But… when Potato goes to the Pants Store, Eggplant causes him to face some different emotions and he has to learn about forgiveness. This book is a great story to use when teaching your students about forgiveness and dealing with different emotions. CLICK HERE to check out my Potato Pants! Book Companion in my TPT Shop!

This is how I used the book in my classroom…

Interactive Read Aloud Activity

First, we read the book and did an interactive read aloud activity. (CLICK HERE for a more detailed version on how I do this with my classroom.) Students answered the story questions on their response sheets and took turns coming up to find the answer on my answer board.

Potato Pants! Interactive Read Aloud Activity

Potato Emotions Activity

Potato experiences a lot of emotions in this cute story! He feels excited, then he’s upset, then he’s scared, and shocked…and happy all in the same day! We went through the book again and identified all the scenarios that caused Potato to experience different emotions. Then we completed this Potato Emotion Flap Book.

Emotions Flap Book Potato Pants!

What does forgiveness mean?

Potato is very shocked when Eggplant apologizes to him for knocking him in the trash. Should he forgive him? What does this mean? Forgiveness is a one of the key components of this book, and is also a difficult character trait for young students to understand. We discussed what it means to forgive, why it is an important trait to have, and what it can look like for our young little minds. Then, I had my students explain what forgiveness means to them using this Forgiveness Flap Page Activity.

Potato Pants! Forgiveness Flap Page

Potato Foods Sensory Bin

For fun, I added this Potato Food Sorting Activity to my Sensory Bin Station the week we read the book. CLICK HERE to grab it for FREE!

I hope your students enjoy this book as much as mine did! Thanks for reading!

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