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picture matching task cards
Basic Concepts Task Cards

Picture Matching Task Cards for Special Ed

Resource Description

These Picture Matching Task Cards are great for practicing “Which Picture is the Same?” and perfect for students with limited fine motor skills. Each set of task cards has a fun, colorful theme. The cards can be printed on card stock, laminated, and used every year. Students choose matching pictures on each card using clothespins, smashing a Play-Doh ball, or circling with a dry erase marker. These task cards are great for center time, independent task boxes, or working one-to-one.

picture matching task cards using clothespins

How These Task Cards Are Used in the Classroom

I use these Picture Matching Task Cards in a Moderate to Intense Needs Resource Room at the elementary level. These task cards may be beneficial for pre-school and special education classrooms with students who are practicing picture matching and working on completing familiar tasks independently.

These task cards are mainly used at my student guided centers. Students are instructed to complete a set amount of cards, then hit the buzzer to be checked by a teacher. I choose the amount of cards I want students to complete depending on the level of the student and their ability to work independently.

This is a great activity to use when collecting data on students who have a goal to work on tasks independently. This data can be extremely helpful when writing functional IEP goals targeting independent work skills.

Example IEP Goal: Student will complete (# of task cards) independently, then notify staff the task is complete by pushing the buzzer in 4 out of 5 trials by the end of this IEP.

What’s Included

There are 17 sets of themed cards included in this BUNDLE. Each set includes 20 ready-to-print task cards.

task card bundle

The following themes included are:

FREEBIE – Abraham Lincoln Mini Set

abraham lincoln picture matching task cards

School Supplies

picture matching task cards school themed


picture matching task cards fall theme


picture matching task cards Halloween theme


picture matching task cards Thanksgiving theme


picture matching task cards Christmas theme


picture matching task cards Winter theme

Valentine’s Day

picture matching task cards

St. Patrick’s Day

picture matching task cards St. Patricks Day theme


picture matching task cards Spring theme


picture matching task cards Easter theme


picture matching task cards Summer theme


picture matching task cards Weather


picture matching task cards ocean theme


picture matching task cards science theme


picture matching task cards apple theme

Everyday Shapes 

picture matching task cards everyday shape theme

What You Need

I recommend printing the task cards on card stock or thick paper, and laminating for durability. I have the cards organized in my seasonal tubs at school, and I pull them out every year to match the season or holiday coming up.

Students can use wooden clothespins, Play Doh, or Dry Erase Markers with these task cards. A buzzer is fun way for students to notify their teacher they are ready to be checked or the task is complete.

Skills Targeted with This Resource

Picture Matching

Fine Motor Strengthening

Working Independently

Thanks for reading! To check out more resources I use in my classroom, head over to my TPT Shop or join my Free Resource Library for free resources and periodic newsletters about fun classroom ideas.

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